Call for Nominations from members of the Association to serve the Executive Committee

Nominations are requested from members of the Association to serve the Executive Committee.

The Opportunities

Following a governance review in 2019, the AoP seeks to strengthen its Executive Committee to support the Association as it continues its exciting development.

Currently, all members of the Executive Committee are considered ‘Trustees’ of the Association and are therefore expected to comply with the legal obligations of the role as set out by the Charity Commission – please refer to the essential trustee guide for further information . A motion to form a smaller Trustee Board will be put to the Membership at its business meeting in April 2020 meaning that members of Executive Committee would cease to be considered as ‘Trustees’.

Assuming the formation of a Trustee Board comprising a President, President-Elect, Secretary and Treasurer, the Executive Committee of 16 members will support, advise and guide the Trustee Board in developing policy, strategy and implementation and allow the board to fulfill its legal, ethical, and statutory responsibilities. It is important that the two bodies work closely together to fulfill their responsibilities and there will therefore be an intentional overlap of membership to support this. Refer to our Organisational Structure.

The AoP President and President-elect serve for 1 year, and the Secretary, Treasurer and members of the Executive Committee serve for 3 years.

AoP Mission

The Association of Physicians of Great Britain & Ireland (AoP) is a registered charity and the home of interdisciplinary translational medicine, inviting collaboration and debate and joining physicians with scientists at the cutting edge of research.

We invite scholarship around a shared vision of the value of interdisciplinary collaboration, reaching new audiences, seeking out and promoting new ways of working and encouraging translational research leading to the advancement of internal medicine and direct benefits for patients.

The Person

Whilst maintaining a wide geographic reach, the AoP is committed to achieving a gender and ethnic balanced committee by 2021 that is reflective of the membership.

A role on the Executive Committee is for 3 years and is open to all members of the Association and particularly those members who are interested in:

• Representing the membership in identifying strategic issues to be addressed including widening membership and fellowship, supporting clinical research careers, increasing attendance at and relevance of annual meeting, changes to grant funding from AoP, promoting interdisciplinary research amongst physicians and with other scientists, maintaining excellence in the activities for the Association.

• Joining either the Internal or External Affairs Committee including  playing a very proactive role in discussing and progressing new developments within the Association and with external partners, working with the President and Programme Organising Committee to identify key and timely  interdisciplinary themes, speakers and symposium partners for the Association meeting, and seeking new Fellows of the highest calibre.
• Identifying and suggesting issues the membership face that require addressing.

A willingness to contribute time and energy is essential. The Executive Committee meets twice a year face to face in addition to around three teleconferences. Members will also be asked to attend and/or chair sub-committee meetings.


Deadline for nominations: Monday 2 March
Electronic voting will open: Mid March

The results will be confirmed at the Business Meeting on 23 April, 2020 in Oxford.

How to submit your Nomination

Interested members may submit by email their own nomination, with the names of their 2 AoP member proposers including, a:

• 2-page CV highlighting research expertise as well as previous organisational experience including work with Early Career Researchers and/or supervision and mentoring of students.

• Short personal statement of intent which will be made available to the electorate (no more than 300 words).

The CV and personal statement should be emailed no later than Monday 2 March to the AoP Secretariat.

Please refer to our Website for more information about the Association.

To arrange an informal discussion about the role, please contact Honorary Secretary, Professor Christian Delles.

Remuneration / Expenses

Please note that the role is un-remunerated. Reasonable expenses are paid for costs associated with undertaking the role e.g. travel expenses to committee meetings.

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