Machine learning and artificial intelligence in medicine – for now or for tomorrow?

Big Data and bioinformatics as well as national audits is making very large datasets available to health care researchers. Can Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence help extract new understanding from this data? What are these techniques and where can they be applied? Is this more hype then hope?

This webinar is a discussion with 3 experts in this field working in different aspects of health care.

The Programme: Thursday, 7  October, 2021 @ 1pm

13.00-13.05 Chairs:
Professor Colin Dayan
Treasurer, Association of Physicians of Great Britain & Ireland
Professor of Clinical Diabetes and Metabolism, Cardiff University
Prof Paul Harper
Director, Data Innovation Institute, Cardiff University
13.05-13.10 “What is AI/ML”?
Dr Tom Monks
Associate Professor of Health Data Science, University of Exeter
13.10-13.15 Text analysis in healthcare
Prof Irena Spasic
Professor in Computer Science, Cardiff University
13.15-13.20 Multimorbidity and Artificial Intelligence
Prof Bruce Guthrie
Professor of General Practice, The University of Edinburgh
13.20-14.00 Panel Discussion