AoP Membership Consultation – For Your Feedback

Dear Colleague,
In the last two years there have been many developments for the Association of Physicians and I am grateful for your support during this journey to an exciting new future. As you will be aware, some of the major changes include a new membership structure that is open for a wider membership and especially for early career researchers; a proposed fellowship scheme for members who made exceptional contributions to translational research; a wide range of activities in addition to our Annual Scientific Meeting including workshops and seminars; and partnership arrangements with leading learned societies and publishing houses.
Whilst these changes have been discussed extensively within the Executive Committee I am well aware that not every member had an opportunity to comment and share their thoughts with us. I am therefore writing to you today to invite you to review the attached documents and to provide specific but also more general comments about the future course of the Association.
Specifically, I ask you to review the proposal of an AoP Fellowship and changes to the Rules of Association including the establishment of a Board of Trustees. These are important changes and I would very much value your input.
Our Annual Scientific Meeting has always showcased some of the most excellent clinical research in Great Britain and Ireland. One of our named lectures is the Osler lecture and we decided to establish a new prize for the best original oral presentation: the Osler Prize. We would, however, also like to provide a prize for the best poster presentation and would be grateful for any suggestions of a name. The prize should be named after a leader in translational medicine who ideally has or had strong links to the AoP. Please feel free to also suggest other prizes – such prizes make our meeting even more attractive, especially for colleagues at earlier stages of their careers.
You will be able to suggest names via this link:

This link will also contain questions about the Fellowship scheme, changes of rules and Board of Trustees. Most importantly, it will contain an open comment box and I am particularly keen to hear your thoughts and suggestions here. Anything that can help us to make the AoP even stronger will be most appreciated but please also don’t shy away from critical comments. We value your viewpoint and feedback, which is crucial to the continued success of the AoP. Of course all responses will be anonymous.
The attached documents are brief and the survey will take around 5 minutes to complete. The survey will close on Monday 9 November so please submit your comments before then.

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Best wishes,


Professor Christian Delles
Honorary Secretary

October 23, 2020 AoP News