QJM Moving Online – Update us with your details!

Our Journal, QJM, An International Journal of Medicine publishes peer-reviewed articles on internal medicine, which promote medical science and practice. The journal accepts original papers, editorials, reviews, commentary papers to air controversial issues, and correspondence.

The Journal continues to be a very important source of income for the Association and for a long time a printed copy has been included as part of membership.

We recognise the way in which our members are accessing information is changing and we are seeing an increase in requests to access the Journal online. For readers the online version of a paper is considered the Version of Record and guarantees immediate access to the most current version of articles. Access to the latest content is via the advance access feature on the journal homepage and articles are available instantly on the day of publication rather than waiting for the printed version to be distributed.

In 2018 we announced that QJM would be moving online for members and in light of the anticipated downturn in QJM sales due to the impact of COVID-19 we feel it is prudent to manage our costs by now implementing this change.

Our information confirms that the majority of the Membership already access the Journal online and we therefore do not anticipate that this will negatively impact your enjoyment.

Printed copies of QJM will be withdrawn from distribution in December. We ask you to reply to this message with the email address that you would like us to register with QJM for your online access.

To ensure inclusivity we invite our long-standing members to inform us if they would prefer to continue to receive a printed copy but kindly ask for your careful consideration before requesting this.

October 20, 2020 AoP News