We are delighted to confirm that the 115th Annual Meeting of the Physicians of Great Britain & Ireland will take place in person at Trinity College Dublin 10-11 March – we look forward to warmly welcoming you

New Programme featuring Five symposia focusing on key interdisciplinary translational themes:

1) Changing the Course of Ageing and Neurodegeneration ~ in partnership with

Ageing and neurodegeneration have remained resistant to therapeutic interventions. As our population survives longer, they have became one of the leading comorbidities of our time. This symposium seeks new insights into the ageing process and learnings from specific neurodegenerative diseases that may provide a new therapeutic approach.

2) Diet, the Microbiome and Disease – Time to Take Note? ~ in partnership with

There have been major technological and bioinformatic advances in profiling the millions of microorganisms that colonise us. This symposium will explore the links between our microbiome and our diet and disease risk to determine if it is time to include microbiome profiling routinely in studies of disease pathogenesis, treatment and prevention.

3) New Ways to Control Inflammation and Healing ~ in partnership with

Inflammation underlies and/or exacerbates a wide range of health conditions. Treatments to date have included anti inflammatory drugs and biologic agents. In this symposium we will explore novel approaches to reduce inflammation/undesirable immune responses and promote healing including the use of intermediaries of metabolism novel cell therapies.

4) COVID-19 – What Lessons Have we Learned? ~ in partnership with

Science and clinical translation conducted at breakneck speed has saved millions of lives and allowed society to function again through the recent Covid-19 pandemic. The symposium reflects on some of the key lessons learnt for the translational medicine community and how we can use them to accelerate translation in the future.

5) Open Theme

The Association warmly welcomes a wide range of themes under its ‘open theme’ category.

Refer to the Abstract Submission Guide for more information.

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