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Award for Outstanding Contribution to Translational Medicine

Nominations have now closed for the 2024 recipient, and the winner will be announced at the 117th Annual Meeting taking place in Newcastle 23-24 May 2024. 

Congratulations to Professor Sir Stephen O’Rahilly

Congratulations to Professor Sir Stephen O’Rahilly who was announced as the 2023 recipient of the Association of Physicians’ award for an Outstanding Contribution to Translational Medicine. Stephen was presented with the award at a ceremony during the annual meeting held in Liverpool 20-21 April, 2023.
The nomination acknowledges the major contributions Stephen has made to the understanding of the molecular mechanisms underlying human disorders of energy balance and metabolism. His work first established that mutations in single genes could result in severe human obesity and that these defects largely acted through the disruption of central satiety mechanisms. These findings have altered clinical approaches to the evaluation of the obese child and have identified a subtype of obesity amenable to dramatically effective therapy. His studies of patients with extreme insensitivity to insulin have also provided new insights into human insulin action and its disruption in states of insulin resistance.

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