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The Association of Physicians of GB and Ireland is the home of Interdisciplinary Translational Medicine hosting a vibrant community of researchers at all career stages.  

Our aim is to promote high quality interdisciplinary translational research to improve human health and well being.

Prepare to be challenged

In the world of translational clinical research, collaboration and innovation are the driving forces behind groundbreaking discoveries. The Association of Physicians of Great Britain and Ireland (AoPGBI) is a thriving community of interdisciplinary translational clinical research, where physicians, scientists, clinicians, and industry experts come together to bridge the gap between basic science and practical applications – all in the pursuit of improving patient care.

The Association of Physicians Annual Meeting (APAM) was created with this in mind “to advance medicine in a manner that promotes friendship amongst Physicians” established by Sir William Osler in 1907. Today we invite likeminded people who are prepared for a challenge to engage with us at our next APAM 2024 meeting as a delegate and network amongst physicians and clinicians who will share their findings or have your say as a presenter by submitting your abstract for review for our upcoming APAM 2024 meeting.

Welcome from the President

Welcome from the President Professor Sir Munir Pirmohamed
Professor Sir Munir Pirmohamed

APAM 2024 is a unique and dynamic meeting bringing together diverse minds from various research areas including biology, chemistry, engineering, and clinical medicine. By working together, these experts can break down the traditional silos that often hinder progress and create a collaborative environment that fosters ingenuity and breakthroughs.

Harnessing the power of this collaborative spirit, the AoPGBI community of interdisciplinary translational medicine researchers and academics strives to tackle the most pressing health challenges of our time. With a focus on translating scientific knowledge into tangible, real-world solutions, our established members are at the forefront of driving scientific advancements and improving patient outcomes. The AoPGBI vision is to also develop the careers of translational researchers how we do this:


“To raise the profile of interdisciplinary translational  research in the scientific and public communities, nationally and internationally”

Mark your calendar for APAM 2024: 23rd – 24th May – Save the Dates!

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APAM 2023 speaker presenters

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Professor Sharon Peacock CBE

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Sir Patrick Vallance

AoPGBI Webinar Series

Webinar Title: Advances in Precision Management of Metabolic Conditions

Challenges and barriers faced in interdisciplinary translational medicine research

While interdisciplinary collaboration holds great promise, it is not without its challenges and barriers. Overcoming these hurdles is essential to foster effective collaboration and drive scientific advancements.

Communication: Effective communication is crucial in interdisciplinary collaborations. However, different disciplines often have their own jargon, methodologies, and ways of thinking. Bridging these communication gaps requires clear and open dialogue, active listening, and the ability to translate complex concepts into understandable language for all team members.

Funding: Funding for interdisciplinary translational medicine research can be a challenge. Traditional funding sources may favour single-discipline research, making it difficult for interdisciplinary projects to secure adequate resources. However, recognizing the value of interdisciplinary collaborations, funding agencies and organizations are increasingly providing grants and support for these types of projects.

Cultural Differences: Interdisciplinary collaborations often involve individuals from different academic and professional cultures. These cultural differences can sometimes lead to misunderstandings or conflicts. Building a shared understanding and encouraging a culture of respect and collaboration is essential to overcome these challenges.

By addressing these challenges head-on and implementing strategies to strengthen effective collaboration, researchers can unlock the full potential of interdisciplinary translational medicine research. The AoPGBI support our Members to alleviate some of these challenges, we:

Engage the wider community through our APAM, our annual meeting Develop Emerging Clinical Researchers through potential funding and Share knowledge through our Membership support initiatives.


“To support the development of translational researchers working for the benefit of patients with an emphasis on the needs of Emerging Clinical Researchers”

Grant Schemes

Our grant structure includes support for early career members….find out how you might take advantage of this broad offering . For more information ….

Professor Sarah Tabrizi receiving her Osler Medal awarded for presenting the Osler Lecture at the APAM 2022 in Dublin

Osler Medal

Professor Sarah Tabrizi receiving her Osler Medal awarded for presenting the Osler Lecture at the APAM 2022 in Dublin.

The 2023 Osler Medal was awarded to Sir Patrick Vallance at the Annual Meeting in Liverpool.

Starter grants for clinical lecturers

The AoP is delighted to be a funder of the Academy of Medical Sciences Starter Grant Award Programme

Summer studentship

These grants are designed to support undergraduate medical students interested in exploring a career in academic medicine gain experience in the research group of an AoP…

Young Investigator Awards

These grants are designed to provide recently appointed investigators with flexible research funding of up to £20k to perform research into internal medicine

Award for Outstanding Contribution to Translational Medicine

Calling for Nominations for the next winner. Congratulations to Prof Sir Stephen O’Rahilly for winning the award in 2023


“To promote the exchange of ideas and knowledge between researchers from different professional disciplines to create a vibrant, diverse, interdisciplinary translational research community”

QJM Impact Factor now 14.04

The Quarterly Journal of Medicine (QJM) is pleased to announce the current Impact Factor for the Journal is now 14.04.

The QJM is the official Journal of the Association, founded in 1907 by Sir William Osler, it has a significant legacy of publishing leading articles in Translational Medicine.

It welcomes submission of original medical research articles, invited reviews and topical Commentary pieces relevant to our medical readership.   We would encourage Association members to consider submitting their original work to the Journal.

We offer a fast-track review process for selected submissions, namely 72 hours (x3 working days) to first review decision.  Should you wish to avail of this service, authors are encouraged to liaise in advance with Professor Seamas Donnelly, Editor-in-Chief for the journal at E-Mail.

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