Dear Colleagues,

It was W.B. Yeats, Nobel Laureate and renowned poet who once wrote :

“Education is not the filling of a pail but the lighting of a fire”

As the academic home for Translational Medicine, the Association seeks to promote and sustain this lighting of that fire of scientific curiosity. We achieve this by promoting the latest scientific advances via international conferences, topical webinars and relevant state-of-the art manuscripts in the Associations Journal – the Quarterly Journal of Medicine (QJM).

The Association also has as a strategic goal – the development of the future leaders in Translational Medicine. We do this via workshops, grant funding opportunities and travel bursaries specific for early career investigators.

Why not join the AoP and become part of our expanding Translational Medicine family. Details on how to become a member of the Association may be found on our website.

Kindest regards

Professor Seamas Donnelly
Association of Physicians of Great Britain & Ireland,
Head of Medicine, Trinity College Dublin.

Professor Seamas Donnelly
Professor Seamas Donnelly

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